So maybe you never said anything but you did run your fingers through my hair, you did lean in close to breathe in the scent of my shampoo. Maybe I've never felt your lips on mine but you did effortlessly kiss my cheek, and then you blushed so prettily I wanted to hold you forever. And maybe I've never been able to call you mine, but that hug lasted an eternity and when you finally pulled away you cried because you had to leave.

So maybe we've never made it explicitly clear to one another, but if you ask me it's pretty fucking obvious that we were in love. Because I've held your hand and I've pulled you close while we slept with my face burrowed into your curls, and I've traced the skin on your shoulders with as much meaning as a human can put into a gesture, and maybe we never called them dates but how could they be anything else when I felt so at home in your easy smiles and breathless laughter?

You have been my comfort and solace, my bulwark against everything life has thrown at me. The distance between us doesn't matter. Our life circumstances don't matter. Because you are my soulmate, and I'm yours, and the only thing in my life that's ever been certain is that you are my forever.

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  • Missy
one year ago

to think that somebody out there has a similar me. "My" you is so similar to you it's uncanny, but I know you're not him. He slightly tapped my hand when I traced his, and that was the loudest no there'll ever be.

  • positively negative
one year ago

I love this so much

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