for the first time in the almost eight months we've been dating long-distance, you fell asleep on video chat. and nothing would wake you up, no matter what I tried. but I felt it was poor etiquette to just leave you there with the light on. so I watched you sleep for a little bit (you look so dang cute when you're asleep) and then I got up and made dinner with my laptop open, glancing over from time to time to make sure I hadn't missed you waking up.

can you feel it when you fall a little more in love with someone? because I think I just did.

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  • anonymous lover
8 months ago

My first boyfriend did something like that. I fell asleep on the phone and he stayed on the line 3 hours just so he could say goodnight. Lol.

  • A
7 months ago

I'm in a long distance relationship with the man I'm certain I'm going to marry and I could not relate to this more.

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