Another month has passed, 

and I’m still here thinking of you.

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  • Anon
6 months ago

Same same op.

  • bitch i know a boy who has been thinking of the same girl for 7 years
6 months ago

but in all seriousness, hope things get better for you :)) whatever your situation is:)) and if you want to forget them remember that one month isn't really that long, time will heal most things :))

  • p.s the boy has been in the friendzone the whole time so . . . oof
6 months ago

but yeah still, hope life gets better for yOU :D

  • anonymous lover
6 months ago

Lol @ these comments ???

  • op
6 months ago

The months are adding up to years.

  • positively negative
6 months ago

So relatable

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