i really really really liked you and i really wish i could go back in time and tell you that i felt like my heart was soaring whenever i noticed the way your eyes crinkle behind your glasses when you smile or all the dumb jokes you'd make to keep me laughing. i remember how happy your notes would make me and the way i'd read them over and over in bed, feeling my chest grow tight with giddiness. i liked you so much i couldn't fall asleep at night, which had never happened before. i think we could have been great and wonderful if only the timing and everything else worked out, but nevertheless, i am so happy i got to know you and get to see you in love now, even if it's with someone else.


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  • anon
10 months ago

sixteen is my crush's bday

  • positively negative
9 months ago

This is so sweet. I'm happy you got to know them too :)

  • G
9 months ago

This is beautiful.

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