i feel obligated to describe you so one could see you through my eyes. in order for them to know how you make comets soar in my mind at the mere thought of you, i have to write all the details down. i should have them add up all of these little tidbits together in order to see how lovely you are.

but where do i start?

it's as if crumpled stacks of paper are on the floor, unnumbered and undefinable. it's a new language which i can't decode.

it's okay though.

maybe all it takes is someone to notice and to be a bystander. if they keep a watchful gaze on me, it'll be clear to see the stars in my eyes when i look at you. it's painfully obvious that you send my heart flying to faraway planets just by being close to you.

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  • Dark Angel
9 months ago

sux huh? to no be able to describe with words what you feel when all you have ever known in life are words...

  • anonymous lover
9 months ago

This is so sweet.

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