It's 4:20am. Soon I'm gonna tell you that I have a FAT crush on you and if you don't like that it's totally cool because it's been years and i need to get it out

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  • anonymous lover
one month ago

YES! GO FOR IT! I HOPE ALL GOES WELL (even if he/she doesn't reciprocate)

  • anonymous lover
one month ago

Well, did you actually go through with it?!?

  • positively negative
19 days ago

Yes, please update us! :)

  • OMG
18 days ago


  • J
17 days ago

lmao blaze it

  • anonymous lover
16 days ago

The fact that you aren't replying could either means you forgetting this, or u didn't confessed yet, or you got rejected or... Or you're too happy right now might as well shut off the Internet 😂😂😂

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