[I hand wrote a letter to my crush and it was a bit messy so I typed it and an inkling of me hope he will see this but he probably won't :,) ]

Dear Caleb,

I never thought I would actually be writing this letter. I'm kind of embarrased that I am to the point that I misspelled "embarrassed". I hope you never end up reading this, but if you have this in your hands, it's probably too late now.

So.. where do I start?

The first time I actually felt something for you was on the first day of physics lab when you sat down next to me. I'm not gonna lie, I was getting scared and anxious when nearly everyone has chosen their lab teams, and I was left alone. But then you came and to be frank, I was quite surprised and extremely relieved because I had this notion that everyone in lab just wanted to avoid me. i remember 'glance-staring" at you, and if I remember correctly you had this kind of nervous shook look on your face which made me chuckle internally. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to say anything to you, but I kept my mouth shut because I am the official "Queen of Awkwardness/Clumsiness" and didn't want you to think I was hella weird or something. That's one thing I regret. I should have said something because you seemed like a genuinely kind and down to earth kind of person. Whether you sat next to me because there weren't any seats available or because you wanted to, I'm really grateful you did because you could have easily sat next to a bunch of people that look sociable than a single lone person like I am.

As you may or may not have an inkling of...

I like you.

I'm not quite sure why but its definitely not solely because you plopped yourself down in the seat right next to me. I don't know. It may be the many coincidences where I run into you, and you happen to sort of have the door for me. It may be how cute and hot you looked when you had your glasses on for the first exam (which you coincidentally was standing right in front of me and literally that was all I could think about in the exam). It may be your laugh and just your calm, appealing, and tiny bit husky voice which honestly the words I've used to describe doesn't do justice. It may be the few times you talk to me even if its all related to physics because I'm just glad you kind of interact with me. Sometimes I ask questions just so maybe you'll be the one to respond to me, and I just want to hear your voice.

All in all, Caleb, I really hope I'll soon have the courage to tell you all this or at least give you the letter. You are a good guy and if any girl has you, she's very damn lucky.

- MJ

(P.S. How the hell do your feet look good in sandals? Like I'm not a foot fetish person... [I promise I'm not!] but damn son your feet are hella cute)

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  • anonymous lover
one year ago

if anyone read all this... damn cause this is a very long letter xD

  • GS
one year ago

Hey curious, whats the name of your teacher?

  • MJ
one year ago

@GS the teacher for my physics lab is ahmed

  • MJ
one year ago

why do you ask?

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