I know this probably isn’t the right place, but this community has always helped me theough heartbreak before.

My dad was diagnosed with cancer. That metastasized to the bones. I don’t have all the info yet, but they said cancer like this usually gives a person months to a year.

I dont want to lose my dad, guys. I’m so scared and angry and feel alone cos I’m being strong for my mom but I was sitting with him while he was sleeping with tears just.. unstoppable.

I don’t know why I’m writing this here except that.. part of me (okay all of my hope)believes that prayer can change things and cause miracles. So please pray for a miracle. For the cancer to go away.

My mom said she doesnt know if she can life without him. I can’t imagine losing my life partner like this.

I’m so lost.

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  • Bear Hugs
8 months ago

sending prayers your way

  • Kristy (Krispy) (Fiesty Sloth)
8 months ago

Sending thoughts and prayers to you and your family. I know what you're going through. I just lost my other Mom to stage 4 ovarian cancer. I'm here if you need someone to talk to. Hugs!

  • anonymous lover
8 months ago

Spend the most time with your father. That’s the best you can do. Make his last days worth it

  • Anonymous
8 months ago

Stay strong, op. Praying for u. Know that u are never alone. When it feels too heavy to bear, talk to someone u trust and pray to God too. He always listens. And He's always there with u.

  • a little naive
8 months ago

stay strong, love ♥

sending lots of love and prayers your way. I lost my grandmother to breast cancer, so I know how you feel. treasure your time with your father and hope for the best ♥♥

  • Cedar
8 months ago

Thank you all. I’m so scared. I always hoped I’d have kids and theyd know their grandpa and it’d be such a great experience like me with my dad and my grandparents...

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