I love the anonymity of this website. We claim that relationships don't affect us. We put on a brave face and say we're fine, but once you put anonymity into the equation and give people the opportunity to share their feelings about their relationships, crushes and marriages, it is then we discover that it actually matters quite a bit. Some of the things I've read on here could never be said out loud, not to anyone, but the feeling of nobody knowing it's them gives them a much needed outlet.

Romantic relationships are important. Especially for young people, who feel things so deeply, crushes can't be thrown off to the side like it's just some silly childish thing! These are real feelings that they have and it can drive these young people to do crazy things, especially when their brains aren't fully developed. I'm reading them and I've written them and it's important to realize this.

I'm very thankful for this site. It's doing a very good thing.

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  • anonymous lover
7 months ago

Yes! Thank you for writing this ♡

  • S
5 months ago

This site has been such a nice crutch for over five years now. I'll spend months away from it, randomly remember it and come right back. It's amazing to have watched myself mature via how I perceive romance. It's truly an incredible thing.

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