Ok so he said he liked my glasses........does this mean that he literally likes my glasses or that he wants to spend the rest of his life with me

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  • Del
7 months ago

I feel ya lol

  • Madzand
6 months ago

We had talked everyday on the bus ride home. You made me laugh, and I made you smile. You used to stare at me every class we had together. I'd feel my cheeks get hot and I'd turn around to see you blush, then look away fast. It happened so much I just got used to it. My friends would time and time again tell you that I liked you. You never seemed to care. My friends told you that one of my other friends liked you. You still didn't care. You claimed you didn't like either of us. (And of course we claimed the same).

So why did you say yes when she asked out out?

  • positively negative
6 months ago


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