Everyone alway asks if I have a boyfriend. And when I end up telling them that I dont, they question my sexuality. I don’t get offended since liking girls isn’t a bad thing but it just makes me think. Are sixteen year olds supposed to have a boyfriend already? Since when was it mandatory to have a partner just to show your sexuality? If I was lesbian or bisexual, I would tell the world. Me not having a boyfriend just shows that I’m not comfortable to have one. I just dislike people who are quick to judge instead of learning the reasoning being it.

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  • anonymous lover
2 months ago

Don’t conform to society. Society is stupid.

  • Ladybug
one month ago

Girl I’m 23 and I’ve been on like... 3 dates in my life. We both have plenty of time & society is horrible.

  • 25
6 days ago

Girl, I'm 25, no boyfriend since birth, and has never been on a date. Actually, no one has courted me yet. And I have to accept that maybe I will never find the love of my life in this lifetime. Sighs.

  • anonymous lover
2 days ago

Im 22 NBSB too.Don't feel pressured. Don't find love, let love find you.You're too young. Believe me :)

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