I can only imagine the type of heartbreak I would type

If you decided to snap my heart like you snap your fingers

along to the beat of the tune playing in my car

I don’t want to just be a note 

in your song

I want to be the whole damn orchestra

Complete with the air guitar

I want to be every lyric you belt out off tune

Even if you don’t get every word right

I want to be the melody that’s stuck in your head

All day, everyday.

- Silent

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  • This
7 months ago

If he only knew...

  • anonymous lover
7 months ago

And your this way with them? If not don’t expect others to make them your world because your insecurities.

  • Silent
6 months ago

Wow!! What a surprise! Definitely needed to see this made the page after the horrendous week I’ve had. Much love ❤️

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