I remember when we were kids we used to stay up all hours of the night talking about just the silliest things. One thing that stuck with me in particular was a pact we made with one another. We swore to one another that if we weren’t married to anybody by the age of 24 that you and I would get married. You are and will always be the best thing that’s ever happened to me in my life. You’re beautiful, intelligent, and so independent. Maybe a simple small town guy like me doesn’t deserve somebody as special as you. Maybe the guy doesn’t always get the girl. But hey, here’s to wishful thinking. I pray maybe one day you’ll see me in the same light I’ll always see you. You’re so special to me, you always will be.

btw I turn 25 this week.

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  • anonymous lover
7 months ago

Never EVER display self defeating or self deprecating statements. Just never go there. Period. If you do, you will forfill them and end your days a lonely, broken man.

  • E
5 months ago

You're as deserving as she is of the truest of loves. I agree with the first commenter--don't sell yourself short.

  • anonymous lover
5 months ago


  • G
5 months ago

Just tell her! Remind her what you said as kids and see how she reacts!

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