I think we’ll always have a thing.

Always have the chemistry.

But I just keep telling myself, ”some people are meant to fall in love, but not be together“ and I think that’s us.

Breaks my heart, but I don’t think we can work.

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  • Kristy (Krispy) (Fiesty Sloth)
one year ago


  • whatttt
one year ago


  • Chris??
one year ago

I wish this was from who I thought it is, because I could see him feeling this way about myself.

Well, a girl can dream.

  • untamed flame
one year ago

This <3

  • S
one year ago

Idk why, but this makes me sad

  • anonymous lover
one year ago

The fact that I found a letter that relates to my current situation so much it’s comforting. It’s like you and I have such vastly different life’s but on something untouchable and abstract like love, we relate in detail! I hope your future holds the love that will be the missing part of your life.

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