I regret cheating on my boyfriend like very badly, im broke down completely now. I've realised myself that what i did was wrong and felt very bad and so much of repentance inside me and i was very sincere since then i was also sincere before that but all i happend didn't happend intentionally i really love my boyfriend so muchh! but i dint tell him about this and after many months he got to know about it and broke up with me... what do i do now?? how would i tell him he's not ready to listen to me anymore! 

i realised that time only when i did that mistake and then had lot of repentance inside me but who knows about that except me! i would have said my bf about it but what to do now! please give me advice so that i can gain his trust back

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  • S
5 months ago

He’s never going to be able to see you the same way and unfortunately that’s the way it’ll always be. It might inhibit behavior you don’t approve of it you ever end up back together.

  • anonymous lover
5 months ago

I’m sorry but it might not happen or it’ll happen very slowly. You’ll need to prove not just that you regret it, but you’ve changed as a person and grown. You’re hurt and you hurt him and you might need to be apart to heal. I can only promise that one day you will both be healed, but I don’t know if you’ll be together when that day has arrived. And maybe that’ll be fine.

  • Chem M.D
5 months ago

Cut your losses and move on.

Trying to gain his trust back is like trying to put in all the toothpaste your squeezed out from the toothpaste tube. It’s not worth it.

You’re better off learning your lesson here on and not repeating this with the next man you love.

Learn the lesson in there and apply it next time.

  • Anon
5 months ago

This is so sad to read. I don't wanna lose my gf ever. 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Anon
5 months ago

What did you think when you were doing it ? Oh this hurts so bad

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