This is dedicated to all those who are alone in this Christmas Eve. 

To those whose parents are working, those who alone looking at the social media updates from others with sadness wishing you was in their shoes. 

To those who didn’t get any presents. Those who are eating a meal all by themselves. 

To those who haven’t gotten any “Merry Christmas” messages or anyone who didn’t check in on em. Where the heat isn’t on, and you’re freezing at home with layers of clothes on.

To those who are drowning in their loneliness and silent sadness. 

To those who are seeing others kissing under the mistletoe and wondering where the fuck is their Christmas romance.  

It’s all good. You ain’t alone. Many people are going through this right now.

There is a reason the suicide rate increases massively around this time. 

The loneliness crosses a certain threshold and after that you know what sadly happens to many people. Add the shitty cold weather and you know the rest

Here’s a toast to those who have the courage to put a smile on, to find the gratitude and the silver linings no matter how bad it gets🥂

Respect on your name 💯

Chem M.D

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