we finally said it.

after months of shy smiles and long stares, months of trying to avoid singing the love parts in songs and awkward moments when they said it in movies, after months of trying to show it without saying it and months of wondering if it was a shared feeling.

we finally said it.

we finally said i love you. and now that we did, i don’t want to stop saying it ever again. i love you when you call me just because. i love you when you kiss me out of nowhere. i love you when you do something so embarrassing that it makes me want to hide. i love you, always.

and now that i know you love me too, i love you even more.

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  • untamed flame
one year ago

I love this. So cute!

  • anonymous lover
one year ago

this is absolutely adorable :) im so happy for you

  • anon
one year ago

I'm in this same place with my boyfriend now and it feels so freaking good!

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