You’re someone’s dream person. You’re someone’s more than good enough. You won’t have to have to fight for attention, for respect, or for happiness. There’s someone out there for you, keep your head up.

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  • anonymous lover
13 days ago

  • anonymous lover
13 days ago

Yup and in the meantime, don’t you dare settle for less.

  • anonymous lover
12 days ago

Thank you

  • anonymous lover
11 days ago

That’s what I keep telling myself😑

  • untamed flame
9 days ago

Thank you so much. I needed to hear this

  • green eyes
6 days ago

this is exactly what I needed a reminder of today. thank you x

  • anonymous lover
5 days ago

Thank you I needed that now

  • anonymous lover

squishmallows and pixel/fictional people yay

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