It's dangerous, I know. I must be really brave and fearless, I'm surprised... 'cause I don't even know from where I got my resolve to stand beside him, try to help and such.

Others would reject him as soon they learned this. When he told me, it felt like nothing to be shocked, no news to be upset...just confirmed the rumors I've heard, maybe I saw it coming. We don't live together and we meet sometimes,so I'm safe, I guess.

I can't give him an ultimatum, I can't demand a thing, can't put him against the wall and confront, no... Taking a soft route does help? Who knows, something tells me that he needs me the most, he wants support not judgment. It's a long journey, I'm not expecting promises or a change in a short timespan, no.

I want it for real. The truth. What's going on. What makes him want the drugs. When he has a rebound. What happens to him when he's sober or when high. I want to talk about it. I want him to feel safe. Even if there are walls built around him, even if there are layers...just like an onion, I want to understand what he goes through. I want to be useful. And hopefully, be there when he quits.

—in love with a drug user.

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  • anonymous lover
one year ago

Been there done that- There is no future in being a martyr.

He will love the drug over you every time.

But go on, learn the life lesson you need to learn. Waste your prescious time.

And by the way- time IS precious.

While you are wasting it with that Zero, you could be out there meeting your Hero.

  • OP
one year ago

I want to be his hero.

And if I said that I can't give ultimatum, it's because I already know drug users/addicts will choose the drug.

Did you think I'd simply jump into it without doing research? Very considerate of you

So, better luck next time?

  • OP
one year ago

And if you ever thought that I wanted to take drugs too, you should have known better.

One hell of a wrong guess

It's much easier to point fingers, right?

  • anonymous lover
one year ago

It will be only a matter of time before your shit goes missing, pawned off to support his habit.

Make him an ultimatum, you or the drugs, but know if he chooses you, there's a very likely chance he will relapse.

You can't help someone who doesn't want to help themselves.

Recovery is possible, if he wants it bad enough, only and if. But how many years to you want to waste on an 'if'.

  • anonymous lover
one year ago

^ my apologies for suggesting an ultimatum, I see you've decided against it.

However, I don't think everyone will choose drugs over the love of of their life every time.

If he truly values you, he won't want to lose you.

  • anonymous lover
one year ago

He needs to be his own hero, if he can't value his own life how can you expect him to value yours?

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