You aren't in love with me.

You never were.

My wishful thinking

Made life a blur.

I had hoped you wanted me

For the longest time

That hope I'd longed for

Made love feel sublime.

But it was a facade.

A fake. A phony.

Like a stupid pony.

I was nothing. Another conquest.

But I must confide. I must confess.

You feel like the one

I had given up hope for,

But you are annoying.

You, I cannot adore.

You are a special breed.

Yes, you, my Dear.

It's you I hide from now.

It is you that I fear.

But you are nothing special.

There are others stronger than you.

But I don't know where to turn.

I am not sure what to do.

With you I am no longer in love.

That dream lasted for a while

And yes. It satisfied me.

Yes, it made me smile.

Now that I search for love.

Nothing can compare.

The depth I felt with you,

Nothing... Even laid bare.

No depth in this world.

Thanks for showing it to me.

Your shallow nature

Is blinded to everyone now...

Everyone except me.

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