My dear ones,

It's been a few years since I've been on here. I was deeply, agonizingly in love with a boy who saw me only as a friend (I know so many of you can relate). Then I left college. Went to grad school across the country. And while I was there, I met someone else.

Someone I'm living with now. Someone who has never left me wondering how he feels or what he wants. Someone who talks about us in forever terms. We want the same things in life, we're on the same page. He's warm and funny and dorky and artistic and fit and can cook and plays guitar and loves animals... He is what I want. And I know that I am what he wants, which is even better.

I just want you guys to feel a bit of hope. There's a person out there for you. And you might not know them yet. They might be on the other side of the country, or they might be down the street. Live your lives, do your thing, be brave and adventurous and tell others what you want, and you'll find them too.

Blessings always.

- Funnygirl

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  • anonymous lover
7 months ago

You’re jinxing yourself. Be careful

  • Here we go... AGAIN....
7 months ago

Just because you have someone and we don’t doesn’t make you an expert on love and life, and we poor lost stupid sheep... look I knew you meant well, but every time I turn around on this site there is one of these “look at what I have & you don’t,” followed by “you can do it” speeches.

Unnecessary, unwanted, and unwarranted- not mention Unknowledgeable. Not everyone has a happy ending, and some people do end up alone- or even worse- abused and killed.

So give live your perfect life, yea hope it works out for you, and yadda yadda yadda.

  • ^
7 months ago

I think you guys are too bitter.

  • lmao yikes
7 months ago

agree with the "too bitter" comment. first two commenters need to chillllllll

  • anonymous lover
7 months ago

That sounds fantastic OP!!!! Don't let the especially bitter 2nd commenter make it seem like you're a horrible person for being happy!!

  • untamed flame
5 months ago

Thank you. This gives me hope <3

I'm so happy for you!

  • E
5 months ago

I think the OP was likely just trying to share a bit of the hope that they'd found with the LTC community. Lovely <3 We all need more hope in the world, and I'll take all the "unnecessary, unwanted, and unwarranted" hope I can get!! :)

  • Tasha
4 months ago

This site is full of angsty teenagers and young adults who are forlorn over unrequited crushes and breakups. I'm not criticizing it, I was one of them. So was the OP. Maybe they were just saying what they wish someone had told them when they were in unrequited love. Healthy adult relationships do not contain so much angst, uncertainty and drama. And knowing that would have been a comfort to me when I was in my teens.

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