I absolutely loathe just how easily I get attached and invested in someone. I feel so intensely even from the fleetest of moments.

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  • anonymous lover
5 months ago

me too

  • anonymous lover
4 months ago

me three

  • Tammy
4 months ago

Hi friend, I learnt the hard way that these intense feelings are normal, everyone feels feelings from the mildest to the most intense. It adds an extra layer of pain when you loathe or hate yourself for the feelings that you feel. Allow yourself to feel these feelings, and understand that these feelings will pass, just like time passes. Don't need to get rid of those feelings (I've tried that before and it does not work). It's impossible to use a broom and sweep feelings away. Just allow yourself to feel those feelings as they are, don't lie to yourself, and in time to come, these feelings will pass and new feelings will take their place. We'll go on with life bravely this way <3

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