There's a line from an old hymn that I remember from my childhood, it goes, "Naught be all else to me save that thou art." And though, obviously, it is referring to God, however it fits so perfectly how I feel about you.

I am trying to not get carried away or too far by imagination or the depth of my feeling in the moment (both of which can easily sweep me away if I'm not careful). You see, I am trying to stay grateful for what you have already been to me. That you have shown me so directly that there are safe people, that there are safe men and I will appreciate that always(!).

And it is the depth of your sensitivity that draws me to you, that makes you so uniquely you. I looked over at you and the intensity of the look on your face seemed to match the intensity of my feeling. it feels like with exploration there could be more there, but I want to leave you free from any expectations from me.

I don't want you to do anything because I want you to, Rather, I want you do something only if you want to do it from inside your heart and mind aligned.

And I want to appreciate you and only that you are and have been and stay away from selfishly imposing my future wishes or desires on you. Whatever this has been, whoever you are,

you are worth so much more than that, just for being. Just for being you. And not that all the many things in my life that make it full and rich are being discounted here, just that where you and wherever this leads or does not lead is concerned--

 Naught be all else to me save that thou art.

  Not particularly sure tonight whether to sign this as the Irish princess or the Russian outcast. Maybe both. Whatever the case, I am still very much me.

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