You are broken. You are shattered to the very core. You've left a piece of your heart in every person who left, who said goodbye. They broke your trust, their promises.

But you are strong. Take back those pieces and maybe you won't be as you were before. But you'll be a mosaic. A mosaic of beautifully pieced together fragments. You may not have the untouched purity of before your pain. But now you are art. Your scars have created a masterpiece.

Remember that. Remember that when another person hurts you. Just smile, because you know they have only added to your beauty, your strength. You have grown because of them.

Smile. Smile because life is still looks beautiful through broken glass. Yes, maybe a little warped. Maybe a little strange. Maybe a little different. But still beautiful. In the fucked up, crazy, absolutely insane sense.

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  • anonymous lover
14 days ago

This ^^^^

  • anonymous lover
12 days ago

To OP,

Thanks for writing this.

  • anonymous lover
11 days ago

I felt that

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