I always wanted to be on my own, and I guess that's because it's all I have ever known. But when you came into my life that feeling had changed. 

You were the one person I could spend a whole weekend with and feel my cheeks ache because I had laughed so much. You were the person that made me feel good about myself, and I genuinely felt so happy and lucky to be in your company. 

The films, the music, the dancing; everything I will carry with me for the rest of my life because you were, and still are special to me. I'm really sorry for how it turned out between us.

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  • Anon
one year ago

Me too.

I wanna imagine you’re him. Ha

I did everything I thought I could do in my power to have things end with kindness, clarity and closure. That is given some pretty bad circumstances I still tried.

AND all my trying, not to continue, renew or restart it, but for it to just end in some sort of positive state. Oh I made it worse. And he was nasty and I was nasty and it went back and forth. Stupid games

He couldn’t see my efforts as what they were. Only made him more upset.

He’d already done unforgivable things, I’ll never forget but they’re forgiven regardless. That took some time. To forgive someone who was t sorry.

One of the last times we spoke I asked him why it had to be so nasty, we had a lot of nice experiences too. Couldn’t we leave with respect of those?

He said that this is the way these kind of relationships have to end. That they shouldn’t be nice. Ugh.

I don’t like who I became through the experience, but yes the good parts were what landed me there, only now, we’re they event worth what followed. No. I don’t think so.

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