Man... I met this boy like 3 days ago and we've spoken a little each day, but I really wanna get to know him more. On the surface - he's PERFECT. He's LITERALLY the guy of my dreams, like someone pulled him out of my brain. I didn't think guys like him even existed in real life and if they did, they didn't look to girls like me. But they do. And he did. He initiated conversation with me. Tall, cute as hell, funny, his smile is knowing and kind, his hair is tousled dark curls. He's clean, intelligent, respectful, well mannered and polite but also understanding and seriously funny. The kind of guy your parents would want you to end up with, you know?

He likes cats, he's in med school, he told me I'd be a great lawyer, and we both totally freaked out when we realized we were both total geeks for Avatar the Last Airbender. When we asked each other which "nation" we're from in the show, we even had the same answer - that we're either water tribe or sit nomads but can't decide!! Things like that don't happen out of the blue!! I hope he likes me too - if he didn't before, I hope the Avatar thing changed his mind.

Oh - most importantly, we see eye to eye when it comes to religion.

But it's scratching the surface that reveals who he is and whether or not we're compatible. It feels like the cards haven't been in my favor lately. Talking to him and getting to know him really made me feel like I'd struck gold and that I could build something with him. I know it's only been a few days but and I could be getting my hopes up but... All I can say when thinking of this guy is, wow...

I hope he likes me too. And just because I don't want to play mind games with an opportunity like this, I'm gonna come clean with him in two or three weeks and ask him if he's talking to any other girls. I can't shoot my shot now bc hi we barely know each other but a few weeks of talking should clear the air.

Dear God. I think I've met my future husband. There's just a certain air about this boy and I don't know if it's fate or if it's my feelings playing with me and getting overly hopeful. But he feels like he's the answer I've been searching for because no boy has made me feel like this before.

Kate Kane, Batwoman

Hey LTC.. Pls pray this works out :'( I'll keep you all updated btw.

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  • anonymous lover
2 months ago

“Tall, cute as hell, funny, his smile is knowing and kind, his hair is tousled dark curls.”

You best believe he’s talking to other girls. With a description like that, many girls must be eye balling him/talking to him.

  • G
2 months ago

Aww this sounds so cute. Proceed cautiously I'd say and don't get too attached too fast. ❤❤❤

  • Anonymous
2 months ago

Ahhhh this is so cute!! Give it a shot. But I agree with the previous commentor, proceed with caution. Don't expect too much. But be open definitely. He sounds like a great guy! Are you a law student, btw? Since you mentioned he said thay you'd make a good lawyer.

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