oi i am actually the stupidest person alive seriously wowow

i got a fat crush on a celebrity i knOw original wbwfbhjsd but really its been affecting my life so much highkey. I just think about him and i love him sm. I know ill never be with him i ain't stupid, even the likelihood of me meeting him is tiny but still. bitch, him. he freaking exists and just the knowledge of that makes me d i e. his smile his laugh his absolute talent in legit everything he does like what. he's hilarious and the sweetest person ever i love him i love him i love him. i need to stop cause if i ever i think of him i cant stop thinking about him. i've started relating in life to him in every way imaginable but he's so great i almost don't even care. i hate celeb crushes so much but i just want to meet him. to hug that bitch is my absolute dream. his gorgeous ass face is in my head all the time but ill never get sick of it i love him. that talented bitch.

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  • anonymous lover
2 months ago

Oh this is a solid mood and a half

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