ayo im lonely

i want someone w me. i want a boyfriend. but i also don't. im 16 and that feels too young ?? i could be wrong but all dating relationships either end in marriage or heartbreak and im not ready for either. but i want someone to talk to. someone to hold me. i've been pretty empty lately and i want someone who i know likes me for me and can put up with my existential shit and crappy personality. so right now im in a lil non-commital shit hole. i miss someone. don't know who but i know that i do. so thats great. whoever you are come back. cool ?

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  • Myna
2 months ago

Hey! I don't know about a boyfriend, I am a girl haha. I am 18. And if you'd like to be friends with someone almost halfway across the globe, then I am right here. <3

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