The real reason I need a bf/gf is because I just randomly got the urge to tell someone that if I was an earthworm I’d love them with all 5 of my hearts and frankly the amount of romantic potential in me is being wasted as I write this

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  • anonymous lover
4 months ago

That’s sweet. I hope you find that person. I hope we both do.

  • rosie
4 months ago

This is cute. Your romantic potential won't go to waste. Rest assured, somebody's out there looking for you. :)

  • nara
20 days ago

i am at work and this is so sweet one day ONE DAY!!

  • anonymous lover
19 days ago

This is the best thing I’ve read in a while.

Be patient and don’t settle because your quirkiness is just too adorable for you to spend it on just anyone.

  • anonymous lover
17 days ago


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