i want to go on a car ride with you. all of the windows will be open, and music will be blasting. we will be laughing and smiling, and there's not a care in the world. it will just be you, me, and the music. we will sing. we will scream. we will just be. then we'll go to a park, and we will dance. dance together, no matter how idiotic we look. then we will lay down, and talk. talk about life, the future, everything that we hold in our hearts. ha. i want to do all of these things with you. but i can't even get a text back.

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  • anonymous lover
one year ago

I know that this totally has not been written about me, but oh, would that it were! Not only the usual bit about the unlikelihood that somebody posting here is posting about you, but also...a complete dearth of that sort of text.

I hope you do get a text back from them, make sure you have their number correct, and/or find someone who really deserves it!

Nameless Nobody

  • Op
one year ago

^^ sorry, i am just responding but that is so sweet and it made me smile. and oh how we all wish to be written to on here... :')

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