The guy I mentioned in my letter here ( actually told my colleague that he likes me yet he's hesitant to court me since he believed that he will not meet my standards.

You know, I like him too. What to do now?

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  • anonymous lover
5 months ago

If you're close with your colleague tell them that you also like the guy and if they could pass that along to him.

  • Advice from my heart
5 months ago

Try to find a way to chat with the guy directly, and get to know him better. If and when the opportunity arises, let him know how you feel towards him directly. I strongly advice you to let him know directly, instead of passing the message through your colleague. Passing messages can hurt greatly in the long run - I know because I've been through it and the messages were not passed properly. Always good to talk to the guy that you like directly, face-to-face. Start with casual conversation about work, lunch, etc. Then use the time to know him better, and broach the subject of feelings if you feel comfortable doing so.


Someone who deeply regretted passing messages through a third party, and who hopes you will be able to develop a strong friendship and understanding with the guy that you like.

*Please do not make my mistake of passing messages through anyone else.

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