We’ve spoken on the phone for hours. We’ve slow danced to our favorite tunes. We both shared our values to each other and they overlap and form this beautiful harmony when our arms hook together as we approach the world with such a powerful, loving bond.

Your parents would be proud of you if they saw how truly beautiful you’ve grown. You don’t just carry tangible beauty that can be seen, touched and heard. But you have this inner beauty that attracts me. It has its own gravity and each pasing day and night, I find myself leaving earth and entering into the your heart and soul which is it’s own planet.

It feels like paradise when I’m with you. My worries and my problems don’t seem that agitating when you’re near me. The negative voices within me all vanish when I hear you speak your mind, your heart, and your soul. You have a beauty that’s abstract. Beauty that tickles the numb parts of my mind. You help me achieve the right mindset in life. With you, I see the world with hope, with liberty, and most important of all with love.

You came into my life when I least expected it. I didn’t know what to make of you first. You were just a mysterious face to me. Always intriguing my eyes, but beyond the small talk in our initial conversations, I’d never expect such a beautiful union to occur. You complement me perfectly and it’s as if you are the person the universe wanted me to be with after all the past relationships.

With you I feel peace. I feel calm. And I feel as if we understand each other beyond the superficialities of romance and passion. We talk to each other, we spend time with each other, and we face problems together. With you I feel the same vibes I feel from my loving mother. The way my mother devoted her heart and soul for my father. I feel the same when you do the small things for me. I’ve written countless letters about you in private. But those letters don’t do you justice for words don’t suffice to show my truest and deepest feelings and adoration for you.

I can spend an eternity proving how much I love you. Yet even such a pursuit...can’t demonstrate the love I carry within my heart for you. 

Je t’aime mon amour.

Chem M.D

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  • anonymous lover
7 months ago

The ego in you! You take yourself very seriously don’t you?! 🤣

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