i'm scared of having to choose. of having equal opportunity and feelings at or around the same time with F and M.

even though F and i have been friends for about two years, there's more reasons why i think it might be troublesome to actually be in a relationship with her, and i recall her saying she didn't really want one right now.

but M seems to want everything i want, and we click. we get along. they make me smile and laugh. i had the first truly happy, goofy date in a very long time. i feel like i could talk for hours with them.

being with F is like being beside a fire. there's many forms but she feels like a campfire. smokey. warm. but only occasional.

whereas M feels like... a summer thunderstorm. or even just a warm downpour. the kind you splash in puddles and laugh in the rain as you get soaked.

will the storm come before or after the campfire is made? which will i welcome? which will i hope for?


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  • anonymous lover
4 months ago

Appreciate the problem; the day is approaching where you won’t have easy access to any letters, and you will long for these days...

  • Blue
4 months ago

what do you mean by letters?

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