Me: "okay I should keep quiet about this crush, if this news leaks that could cause a huge scene and I also don't want to bother my crush like that"

Also me to every stranger ever: "it all started on the ninth of february, around noon, when I saw him in the hallway looking really cute. afterwards I was left wondering who he was and why he left such an impression on me. that obviously was the beginning of my interest in him and-"

-Rosa Lee

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  • anon~
2 months ago

Why is this? So relatable? I try to keep my feelings close to my chest but if we ever stray near the subject of crushes when I’m taking with friends suddenly I’m ready to spill a l l the details of my crush.

  • anonymous lover
10 days ago

Rosa Lee, I just wanna say I am a big fan. Love your letters

  • anonymous lover
10 days ago

Sounds like me to the t.

  • Camille
6 days ago

Hahahaha this is so relatable!

  • anonymous lover
4 days ago

This energy!!!

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