I almost told you the truth. It was right there, the words, they were right there on my tongue. All I had to do was open my mouth, but I just couldn’t. I guess I realized what I was about to say and my mouth clamped shut. The nerves got to me. I hope there is another chance.

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  • anonymous lover
2 months ago

Did they suspect that you were going to say it?

I am sure there will be another time, just shoot your shot OP!

  • anonymous lover
8 days ago

Literally me. I had the opportunity and I was thinking about it. I was worried that I would. I almost always say things I regret. I was so close but I just got the vibe that it would have ended badly.

  • ^^^
3 days ago

What you’ve said in the past that you regret?

  • anonymous lover
3 days ago

Nothing specific. Just, in general, I impulsively say things that have been weighing on my mind and it’s almost always a bad move.

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