The irony of romantic love is that when we are young and innocently naive, we believe it can conquer all. 

Then we realize as time progresses and we get older and wiser, that it can destroy us, it can scar us, it can tear us apart emotionally for we realize that it is flawed and not the ideal conception we had created with our loving hearts and isolated minds. 

We then come to dread romantic love, we hate it, despise it, and think of it as one grand deception.

But even after all of these highs and lows... even after denying romantic love for many years and for some many decades... we are afraid of it. 

We yearn for it. When we lay down alone in bed as the moonlight shines into our loneliest hour... we long for a naked warmth with the quilt of romantic love over us for the winter nights where the darkness is the strongest.

I may not be able to speak for everyone. Not for even many people or some people. But I can speak for myself. But this how I felt about romantic love. How even when I found myself being pessimistic about it, I yearned for it. I won’t be afraid to admit it.

But with you, with you my love... I become the naive and young fool again. I believe that the moon is a nightlight that is truly for you. I believe that love may conquer all. I become a child in some ways again, although I still may remain firm on the outside.

Sure, I may get lost in the present moments time to time. I may say such lofty words for at that moment, I love you with such profound certainty. I find my hands pressed together tightly as I pray for you, for us to last for eternity. At times, in during endless contemplation...I get tears forming in my eyes for the thought of losing you in any way makes me tremble with agitation.

Some may say that I truly love you. Some may say that I’m weak and that I’ve gotten attached like the hopeless romantic that I truly am... no matter how tough I may appear to be to hide this sweetness I carry. Some may say... I got to prepare myself for the worst. That worst can cause the loss of my life if I’m being truly sincere with myself.

For I see no one but you. For you are the light at the end of my dark days that I come to after such a long and tiring day. I see others write here. I see the love they yearn to have. I see the unrequited love some face here, and indeed I’ve been in there shoes before. I pray for them. I pray they find love they seek. I pray their suffering ends and that as a result of such suffering may their hearts be filled with love and strength.

With you I’m blessed in many ways. You inspire love within me not just for yourself and myself. But for others as well. For my fellow man and woman. My soul has become much more gentle than before ever since it has met yours. I’m learning again. I’m a child again. No more do I see romantic love the way I used to.

Some may comment and say that I may go back to my cynical perspectives if things go south. They do not need to worry. For there will be no going back to any perspectives, for I'm in good hands. Hands that I want to hold no matter how withered/wrinkled they may become.

My love is devoted to you.

As they say in your language beloved

Je t'aime

Chem M.D ⌬

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  • anonymous lover
9 months ago

Sorry... but you are going down dude.

I can just... sense it. Well no worries... we will be here for after your plane crashes into Love Mountain.

  • Chem M.D
9 months ago


Thank you for your concern anon.

  • p
7 months ago

Happy for you chem :)

I wish i'll have that too even tho fear always gets in my way..

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