Kit has traveled around 35 countries

Kit is getting a PhD right now

Kit is working with a team compiling one of the most important archives in the world on on violent extremists and terrorist cells

Kit writes world-changing poetry

Kit speaks four languages

Kit cries at every episode of "Modern Love"

Kit has spent chunks of her life working with refugees and orphans

Kit draws better than anyone I know

Kit is a published journalist

Kit is writing a novel in her spare time

Kit sat down one day and decided to sculpt, and she was really great at it

Kit is a really good cook

Kit has raised thousands of pounds for charities

Kit laughs in such a deep, absurd way you can't help but laugh along

Kit sits with her knees tucked to her chest even when she's at a desk in the library

Kit hums while she eats

Kit is kind and a defender of the defenceless

Kit is absurdly loyal

Kit is one of the funniest people I have ever met

Kit feels deeply about the people and places and moments within her sphere of influence, and she is intentional about making each of those things better for being around her

Kit is an adventure-instigator

Kit is always striving

Kit works hard and throws her self, full-force into her endeavours

And even after all that...

Kit is insecure and wonders if anyone will ever love her. I stand there and try to remind her, every chance I get, that she is one of the most spectacular humans on this whole planet. And if she ever received even a tenth of the love she gave away, it'd be more than most of us know in a lifetime.

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  • Kit has to go find Kat.
9 months ago

  • anonymous lover
9 months ago

It’s always the ones that seem too perfect, that are very insecure about themselves. All these things that make them beautiful and appear perfect are just masks to cover their insecurities. I sincerely hope she sees what you see writer. I really do

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