I don’t understand how some people can get over love. I feel like when you truly love someone it never goes away. You just tuck it into some dark corner of your heart, out of respect for the fact they don’t love you.

but sometimes the box In the deep dark corner opens up, and I can’t help but wonder if you ever loved me, as much as I still love you.



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  • anonymous lover
8 months ago

So true

  • -Q
7 months ago

No one really gets over love.

The thing is, love has a magnitude that never decreases.

It always starts with zero and ends either at the same magnitude or greater.

You can never unlove someone, you just love someone else more.

I hope you’ll stop mourning for the love that was lost.

Pick yourself up and heal

Prepare for the love that’s waiting to be discovered

Good luck

  • M
7 months ago

Like i love laiqa dilip

I can relate

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