you deserve everything.

everything good in this world, happiness and love and light.

but the world never gave it to you.

it's all falling apart for you, and it feels like i can't do anything to help, but i will always be here to love and support you.

the world gave you pain and hurt. it gave you darkness, but you learned to create your own light. you've never been given a life that would cause someone to be happy, but you do it anyway and that astounds me.

i'm here for you, and i'm angry that the universe could fuck things up for someone so beautiful in every way.

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  • anonymous lover
6 months ago

Tell them if they don't already know. I am relating to this a lot as things are hard rn but I have just learnt to not rely on other people or expect them not to care. I would love to know if someone actually wanted to support me.

  • wb
5 months ago

secretly I relate to this; I often feel that the universe intended to abort me but instead I was born and it’s been a goddamn hellfire ever since.

When I was a child I wanted to do good and subtract evil from the world but now as a bitter old woman it is all I can do to just keep my head above the waves and hopefully that dim light is enough for now. Hopefully anyone with their head underwater can see it faintly and head toward the surface.


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