I gave him the keys to my house. He didn't know I rarely gave them to anyone. Much less the key to every single door.

I let him sit on my favorite couch. The one that's by that lamp, the one on which I have my tea while reading a book every rainy afternoon. He said it was too soft.

I showed him my broken window. The one that makes that funny quirky sound. He said I should get it fixed.

I told him, let's lay on the rug. Yes, that white one that's softer than the touch of a feather. On a rainy day, he came in with his wet boots and stained it with mud.

I kept letting him in, until one day, I had to take the keys away.

He didn't understand that these weren't just objects in my house.  The couch was meant to embrace him and make him feel safe from the rain. The quirky window.. supposed to make him laugh, and the soft rug was there to caress him.

Now I sit alone in my house, reading on a rainy day. 


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  • anonymous lover
6 months ago

I see both sides- I agree, he should have respected your things more. And you...well they are things. People are more important than things. Now you are left all alone with all your things.

  • Op
6 months ago

This is a metaphor of opening up to someone not really about a house.

  • anonymous lover
6 months ago

The first anon is a total idiot.

Writer, you deserve someone who truly respects you.

  • anonymous lover
6 months ago

It’s better to be single than to be with such a jerk.

There will be someone for you who’s on your level, who cherishes the things you cherish, who won’t essentially shit all over the things that matter to you.

  • Elle
4 months ago


Your letter is absolutely beautiful - very well written. I enjoyed the metaphor. I can relate to your letter to a T. Thanks for sharing. In due time, you will find the one that’s for you.


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