There is something so distinct in meeting the other half to your soul, you could never possibly overlook it. The synchronicities are all around. That butterfly by no chance. That bird, that cloud, that dream, those numbers.. why do you think they stand out how they do? They are our guides, leading us back to our heart center, to our soul. Listen and follow them home. 

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  • anonymous lover
5 months ago

I knew it then

Moment I saw you as I stated

I go after what I feel is correct but life is what brings me the obstacles

  • anonymous lover
5 months ago

Yeah I know!

  • Anon 1
5 months ago

When did you state it? What obstacles?

  • Questioner
5 months ago

I'm not going to reveal on here when it what was said or what was said.

This is a place to speak anonymously for a reason.

I blurt things out and people dismiss it as crazy. It's not my fault boys don't take me seriously.

"That's what she said" is not always a joke

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