You’re like a book: you have so many pages to discover, chapters that make up the person you are. I have my favourite pages, where I like to return to with you; reading both quietly and aloud. like a book, you move me and make me discover new facets of myself I didn’t quite know I had until I traced my hands along your cover. I can relate to you as I can to a protagonist, even if our backstories differ.

I wanna read and reread every word, discover their true meaning. I want you to be the book that will shape me in a way no other can. I want to like you in your entirety, not sugarcoating your rough chapters but enjoying every part of them nonetheless. I want you to become my favourite book, the one I can go back to time and time again and forever cherish. 

I want to help you write your sequel, holding a pen in my left and your hand in my right. 

All I hope, is that our story will be a classic, that can stand the test of time and that I‘ll never have to give up your story.

- :)

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  • untamed flame
one month ago

This is lovely

  • anonymous lover
6 hours ago


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