Love is stupid.

You’d think time would make the longing go away.

You’d think time would make the silence easier.

But, no. Here I am, after all this time.

Still totally, utterly and stupidly in love with you.

Love, By: Storm.

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  • anonymous lover
one month ago

Love sucks and is a waste of time.

  • Storm
one month ago

Nah. Love is the only thing worth my time! 😁

  • anonymous lover
one month ago

I know! I want my crush more and more with time.

  • anonymous lover
one month ago

Love. It’s why we’re born.

  • Correct love is stupid
one month ago

Romantic love was an invention and I am begging heterosexual girls to wake up and see you will never get his attention or approval because he was programmed to see you as an object and you were programmed to believe you are inherently worthless and ugly

He will never give you what you want, desire or need because boys are bottomless pits of self interest due to societal programming since around the 1940s

Younger generations are finally breaking that coding but it will take a long time

The boy you love is probably empty and does not hold your same values

Do whatever you need to do to see the reality. You are amazing. He isn't.

You're wonderful and he is a liar to himself and the other boys he wants to impress.

  • ^ Storm
one month ago

Thanks for calling me wonderful 😇

But I’m a man in love with a woman 🙋‍♂️

So feel free to mindlessly hate me now 😡

It’s your loss really 🙃

Cheers, and lots of love! ❤️

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