Megan Jane,

I still remember your favorite color(purple)

I still remember your favorite movie(sweet home Alabam)

I still know you think about me (you said so)

I still worry about you and your happiness(I’ve been there)

But most importantly I still care about you( never had a real chance to prove myself)

I was young and stupid. I couldn’t think for myself.

When I was ready to tell the world I wanted you

They shut me down

I was bullied behind closed doors and threatened that I would lose everything dear if went after you

I was told that my love for you was foolish and that if I loved god I would leave you alone until you we 18 because if I were to sleep with you it would bring reproach upon the religion.

But I told them I loved you and our god and would respect you enough to never bring shame on your name.

But they told me I was young and foolish

So I said “you let me devote my life to the most high over all the earth, if we’re are just men why can’t I devote my life to her?”

They said “you have much to learn”

In that moment I realized that they would never let me see you and they used god against us and tried to twist my younger mind.

But I never forgot about you and I couldn’t destroy your world by shattering your reality of a perfect world

It doesn’t exist, because if it did God would have answered my prayers by now and I would still be with you.

I will always love you, but will never have you.

My life will never be satisfied. I love you Megan just wish we could have had a chance without interference.

I’m a man now not a boy. If we were together I’d never let you live a day unhappy.

And to anyone else reading this. Stop controlling other people’s lives. I know your reading this.

I promise you Megan, a simple conversation with me will not destroy you chances to live forever. Please be strong and think for yourself just for once. There’s a reason they tell you not to look up information other than theirs. Or to go to college. If you find the real truth then you will leave and they will lose members.

I beg you to open your eyes. Your in a bubble. Please Megan Please, come home to me.


Levi Cook






Please just think one time outside of the box

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