Our school is doing valentine grams where if you buy one they'll send a flower to your crush with a message on it or you can choose for it to be sent anonymously without a message.

I wonder what it'd be like to shower her with roses. I'd imagine her sitting in class and dozens of students pouring in from all the doors in the room to bring her roses from an anonymous lover. There'd literally be so much red in the room Mars would feel insecure. And she'd just have this adorably suprised look on her face, a half smile half shock. Seeing that moment would make my day.

Heck it'd probably make my year too.

The worst part is she wouldn't guess it was me who sent them.

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  • anonymous lover
2 months ago

When I was in high school I always wished I got a gram but I never did. Only the popular, pretty girls got those.

I am still so glad HS is over, that was the worst.

  • anonymous lover
2 months ago

Do it OP

  • loyalty
one month ago

I like this boy. I stutter when I want to tell him I like him. this is the first time happening I never stutter why is this happening?

  • S
one month ago

loyalty, I think you may just be nervous. It's normal, but practice saying it to an image of your crush, or yourself in a mirror, and maybe it'll help. Best of luck to you.

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