You asked me to help you brew a cup of coffee for our director. Neither of us are coffee people, apparently, because we didn’t know our way around the machine.

We didn't talk much- just casual questions. I wish I could’ve said more- I thought of several things I would’ve liked to ask you after I left, but was so close to you that I couldn’t think straight. Good thing it was dark- I was probably blushing pretty hard.

And then i wished you luck. You thanked me for my help (though in all honesty I didn’t do too much- you were smart enough to figure it out yourself.)

I hope to see you Friday. I hope I can make it. I hope everything goes well.

I hope I’m not misreading this. I hope this tiny suspicion that you might return my feelings is t mistaken.

Though we didn’t talk much, the small quiet moment with you was worth it.

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4 months ago


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