He made me feel so much everything that I felt nothing. He brought the storm so I could wash away the silt, the sand, and the sorrow and start anew.

To the man with ocean eyes and a voice that could calm the most turbulent waves - I thank you. You impacted my life without even trying. Maybe one day I’ll be able to write a masterpiece that can truly reflect the beauty of this crazy thing called life. You inspired far more than art my friend, and for that I am forever grateful. One day years from now I hope we can meet again. Sit down on some crowded train across from one another. Take off our masks and look each other in the eye. Maybe one day I’ll stop running. Maybe one day I’ll stop being afraid and I’ll board that train. I‘ll learn that something, or some place, or someone that makes me truly feel everything is one of the most valuable things in the world.

One day I’ll stop being afraid. I’ll be in the right state of mind. I’ll board that train and sit across from you. I’ll look you in the eye and we’ll talk as if we’ve known each other forever. Maybe one day I’ll board that train. Because maybe I’m wrong, but maybe in my soul I know that the train you’re on is the only train I want to board.

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  • Storm
5 months ago

This is sweet. It reminds me of her. I also wish we could talk like we have known each other forever, because deep down it feels like we have.

  • L
5 months ago


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