I feel like we keep trying to catch each other and keep on missing or shying away. It makes me feel both good (because this increasing feeling I have that maybe it’s mutual) and bad (because I keep missing you, because I’ve been trying but you still make me nervous BUT I don’t want to come off as unwelcoming and UGH)

Feelings are tough, man. I hope I’m right about this. I hope I’m not just deluding myself that you might feel the same.

ughhhh I feel like such a lovestruck fool and Im kind of mad about it because I’m supposed to be the levelheaded one and yet and yet and yet? When I see you or when you cross my mind ? I wind up smiling/blushing like a dork?

I hope you stay safe. Stay healthy.

No school for two weeks. It feels stupid to say that I’ll miss you. But I will.

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  • We could meet tonight
2 months ago


  • untamed flame
one month ago

So relatable

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