I literally can't take my eyes off of you when you're around. I don't know what it is. I swear I don't mean to ogle you, you're just so ogle-able.

And things are different now. For months we just said 'hi' in passing. But now we talk and we banter and joke every time we see each other. My gut tells me I'm picking up a vibe from you but then I start to think about it and pick it apart and I second guess everything.

You're smart, confident, friendly, talkative, and stupidly attractive. I mean I feel like you're the type of guy that girls fall all over, and I don't want to be one girl in a long line, ya know?

I think you have to be picking up on the fact that I'm into you. I feel like it's becoming obvious. And yet, you're still there smiling at me.

Regardless, ya real cute and I like to talk to you.

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  • S
24 days ago

You need to ask him out.

If you're too afraid, just ask him to hangout and let it flow.

Best of luck friend :)

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