Brown. Brown feels like the earth. Feels like the dirt my hands grab a handful of. Feels soft, a little rugged, yet also smooth and vulnerable. Brown smells like fresh air and Cedar trees. Smells clean, earthly, beautiful. Smells like Mother Nature. Brown sounds like the constant pecking of a woodpecker on wood. Sounds like a constant knock, though only at certain times. Sounds firm and breakable. Brown tastes like brownies at a coffee shop. Tastes sweet and bitter, but not at the same time. Tastes like home. Brown looks like aligned fences across a Street. Looks like the soft fur of attentive, energetic dogs. Looks sharp.

They also happen to be the colour of your eyes.

~Anonymous Blue Heart x

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  • anonymous lover
13 days ago

Such a beautiful description of brown eyes and brown color in general!

  • Anonymous lover
13 days ago

Brown eyes are the Best. 😊

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